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This page captures the current status of the Haskell' effort. At the moment, this means capturing the current status of the "in" proposals identified by StrawPoll-2.


Since the Haskell Workshop last year, the Haskell' committee (with the help of the community) has documented (on this wiki) over 70 proposals for changes to Haskell 98. In March of this year, two subcommittees were established to focus on concurrency and the class system - two difficult areas that are important to the success of Haskell'. The committee has also used StrawPolls to filter and discuss the universe of proposals that has been gathered. Based on the most recent straw poll, 12 proposals (listed in the table at the bottom of the page) have been identified that are expected to get into Haskell' (over 2/3 of the committee in favor). An additional 19 proposals are likely to get into Haskell' (based on slightly weaker criteria).


Class system


"definitely-in" Proposal Status

Description Ticket Writers Draft report text Decisions made Currently open issues
add some kind of Concurrency #74 IJ, SM - basic concurrency interfaces - cooperative or preemptive
- concurrent and reentrant foreign calls - foreign call annotation syntax
- bound threads as a specified extension - semantics of IORefs
add ForeignFunctionInterface #35 MC, SM - additional C99 types and casts - transparent marshalling of newtypes
- add signed and unsigned char casts
add multi-parameter type classes #49 MS - in assuming there is a suitable mechanism for type-indexed types - MultiParamTypeClassesDilemma
add RankNTypes or Rank2Types #60 AL - RankN or Rank2?
add PolymorphicComponents #57 AL - dependency on Rank2Types or RankNTypes
add ExistentialQuantification (existential components) #26 AL, MS, SJT
add HierarchicalModules #24 IJ, BH None
add EmptyDataDeclarations #25 BH, HN - dependency on KindAnnotations
DoAndIfThenElse #23 SM, HN None
fix comment syntax grammar #42 SM None
add PatternGuards #56 RN, DS None
add InfixTypeConstructors #78 BH, AL None

Member key:

  • IJ Isaac Jones (co-editor)
  • JL John Launchbury (co-editor) <john at>
  • MC Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak at>
  • JG John Goerzen <jgoerzen at>
  • BH Bastiaan Heeren <bastiaan at>
  • AL Andres Loeh <loeh at>
  • SM Simon Marlow <simonmar at>
  • JM John Meacham <john at>This
  • RN Ravi Nanavati <ravi at>
  • HN Henrik Nilsson <nhn at>
  • RP Ross Paterson <ross at>
  • SPJ Simon Peyton-Jones <simonpj at>
  • DS Don Stewart <dons at>
  • MS Martin Sulzmann ≠
  • AT Audrey Tang <autrijus at>
  • SJT Simon J. Thompson <S.J.Thompson at>
  • MW Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace at>
  • SW Stephanie Weirich <sweirich at>