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Rank 2 Types

See ExtensionDescriptionHowto for information on how to write these extension descriptions. Please add any new extensions to the list of HaskellExtensions.

Brief Explanation

Functions may have polymorphic arguments, described by explicit type signatures, e.g.

g :: (forall a. a -> a) -> (Bool, Char)
g f = (f True, f 'a')

In the definition of the function, polymorphic arguments must be matched, and can only be matched by a variable or wildcard (_) pattern.

When such a function is used, it must be applied to an expression whose generalized type is at least as general as that declared, e.g.

g id
g undefined

The more general RankNTypes avoid these restrictions.


PolymorphicComponents are closely related.


  • simple type inference
  • enables runST and similar devices
  • used in cheap deforestation