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Proposal Template

Each proposal has a unique name, a good choice being the name used for the compiler flag, which is usually the same as the name of the extension in the Language.Haskell.Extensions type.

Wiki pages for proposals are named "Proposal/<name>".

Each proposal on the wiki is expected to follow this standard form. We may move these fields into the ticket system in due course; for now we use the wiki.

= Proposal: <name> =

Type:    [extension | removal | change]
Status:  [discussion | definition | complete | accepted (revision)]
Owner:   <name(s)>
Section: <the section(s) of the Report this applies to, or N/A>
Dependencies: names of other proposals on which this one depends
Related:  names of related (e.g. alternative) proposals

== Compiler support ==
  ** GHC:   [ full | partial (comments) | none ] (flagname)
  ** nhc98: ...
  ** Hugs
  ** UHC
  ** JHC
  ** LHC

== Summary ==

A short summary of the extension/modification.

== Definition ==

A complete description of the proposal.

== References ==

External references, papers, articles, support in other languages.

== Report Delta ==

The changes to the report necessary to implement the proposal.  Required for a proposal to move to the "accepted" state.