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Mar 27, 2008 9:39:21 PM (10 years ago)
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elaborate the point about comprehensive comprehensions, and add point about monad comprehensions


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    3030== Cons ==
    3131 * Some people do not find them useful, and find the only slightly longer version using explicit zip clearer.
     32 * If we went back to monad comprehensions at some point, parallel comprehensions would not make sense.
    3233 * One more concept to learn (and implement), with relatively low payoff.
    3334 * Cannot express filters of zips.  If you want to filter the list returned by a parallel list comprehension, you
    3435   have to go back to using the zip form, or separately filter the result.
    3536 * Might cause confusing errors if an extra ''|'' is typed by accident.
    36  * GHC has a more general mechanism in the form of [ Comprehensive Comprehensions]
     37 * GHC has a more general mechanism in the form of Comprehensive Comprehensions ([ paper], [ wiki page]).  Unfortunately GHC's implementation
     38   does not currently have the feature enabled due to the difficulty in finding syntax for it that is parsable
     39   (see the section on "Bracketing syntax" in the wiki page above).