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Nondecreasing Indentation

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Brief Explanation

Ross says: I think NondecreasingIndentation refers to changing > in the H98 (s9.3) rule

        L ({n}:ts) (m:ms)        =       { : (L ts (n:m:ms))     if n > m

to ≥. GHC and Hugs do this if the previous token was "do", i.e. they accept

        f = do
                x <- readLn
                withFoo $ \ y -> do
                z <- readLn
                print (x+y+z)

but not

        g x = case x of
                Just y -> case y of
                Just z -> z

Common uses of this extension are

-- short-circuiting returns a la imperative languages

foo = do
        if cond then return () else do

-- when using the FFI one commonly has a lot of nested alloca-like routines

foo = do
        alloca $ \foo -> do
        alloca $ \bar -> do
        alloca $ \baz -> do



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