This page exists to track proposals that the Core Libraries Committee is actively working on.

Active Proposals

Roadmap for GHC's base library

This page aims to provide a concise summarized view of major planned changes for upcoming GHC releases related to the base library (including related GHC facilities such warnings).

GHC 8.0 (base-4.9)

  • Add Data.Semigroup and Data.List.NonEmpty modules
    (ghc:#10365, i.e. Phase1 of Proposals/SemigroupMonoid)
  • Add -Wcompat warnings about missing Semigroup instances.
  • Add Control.Monad.Fail and a MonadFail language pragma. (Phase 1 of Proposals/MonadFail)
  • Add -Wcompat warnings about missing MonadFail instances.
  • Add expm1, log1p, log1pexp, log1mexp to Floating (with defaults) (Phase 1 of Proposals/ExpandFloating)

GHC 8.2

  • Nothing planned.

GHC 8.4

  • Turn the Semigroup and MonadFail warnings into warnings that are on by default.
  • Warn about the pending removal of the default definitions for log1p, etc. (tentative)

GHC 8.6

  • Turn on MonadFail by default.
  • Move Semigroup into Prelude.
  • Remove the default definitions of log1p, etc. (tentative)

GHC 8.8

  • Nothing planned.
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