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Known Haskell Extensions

Support Matrix

ForeignFunctionInterface True True True
RecursiveDo True False True
ParallelListComp True False True
ScopedTypeVariables True False True
PolymorphicComponents True False True
Rank2Types True False True
RankNTypes True False False
ExistentialQuantification True True True
ImplicitParams True False True
EmptyDataDecls True True True
NoMonomorphismRestriction True True False
FlexibleContexts True False True
FlexibleInstances True False True
TypeSynonymInstances True False True
MultiParamTypeClasses True False True
OverlappingInstances True False True
IncoherentInstances True False True
UndecidableInstances True False False
FunctionalDependencies True False True
CPP? True True True
TemplateHaskell? True False False
InlinePhase? True False False
ContextStack? True False False
Arrows True False False
Generics? True False False
NoImplicitPrelude? True False False
NamedFieldPuns? False True False
ExtensibleRecords? False False True
RestrictedTypeSynonyms? False False True
HereDocuments? False False True

Extensions supported by two compilers