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While we work to define the scope of this project, Haskell' (Haskell Prime) will be the code name for the next Haskell standard. I thought it best to pick a neutral name, since "Haskell 2", "Haskell 06", "Haskell 1.6", and "Industrial Haskell" are all loaded names. Once a scope is defined, we can start to worry about the real name of the standard.

Ideas for the "real" name

Add new ideas for the name, or add comments to existing suggestions.

  • Haskell Prime
    • It is the main version of the language for users, as well as the follow-on to Haskell 98.
  • Haskell 2
    • The second official standard for the language. Allows naturally for a Haskell 3 at some point in the future.
    • Boring. But maybe that's a good thing.