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    11= Focus Groups =
    2 [[PageOutline]]
    4 FocusGroups are subcommittees within the Haskell' [wiki:Committee] which focus intently on particular topics.  These groups are accountable for success in these areas.
    6 == Purpose ==
    7 While discussion on the mailing list has been coming fast & furious,
    8 actual tangible progress, even as measured on the wiki, has not been as
    9 fast.
    11 To remedy this, we propose to focus immediately and intently on a few of
    12 the most critical topics, and to focus all of our energies on them until
    13 they are done.  We'd like to go so far as to ask folks to drop
    14 discussion on other items until these are solved.
    16 The goal of this approach is that we will spend the most time on the
    17 critical (and hard) stuff, instead of leaving it for last.  We know that
    18 we can spend a ''lot'' of time and energy discussing relatively small
    19 things, and so we want to make sure that these relatively small things
    20 don't take up all of our time.  We will tackle them later.
    22 == Principals ==
    23  * Focus Groups are accountable for their topic.  It is up to you to make Haskell' a success in this area.
    24  * Most discussion should still happen on the mailing list, and anyone may participate in any discussion.  Since you are accountable for your topic, though, you may choose to put most of your energy into that topic, to ensure its success.
    25  * During discussion, try to focus on ''interests'', not ''positions''.  The interests may be your interests, the compiler authors interests, or the interests of the community as a whole.  Our positions may divide us, but our interests are often shared.  Seek creative solutions that satisfy a compelling set of interests.
    27 == Goals ==
    28  * Can focus group leaders provide a timeline where they think we might be able to have a strawman proposal?
    29  * Our main goal will be to bring these topics to "beta" quality by mid April. That is, something that we could be happy with, but that perhaps needs some polishing.  After that, we may try to pick the next most critical topics with the goal of having everything at "beta" quality by the face-to-face we're hoping to have at PLDI in June.
    31 == Concurrency ==
    32 === Membership ===
    34  * Simon Marlow <simonmar at> (leader)
    35  * John Goerzen <jgoerzen at>
    36  * Henrik Nilsson <nhn at>
    37  * Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace at>
    39 == ClassSystem ==
    40 === Membership ===
    42  * Stephanie Weirich <sweirich at> (leader)
    43  * Martin Sulzmann <sulzmann at>
    44  * Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak at>
    45  * Ravi Nanavati <ravi at>
    46  * Andres Loeh <loeh at>
    47  * Ross Paterson <ross at>
    48  * Simon Peyton-Jones <simonpj at>
    50 == 3rd, unnamed subgroup ==
    51 === Membership ===
    53  * Bastiaan Heeren <bastiaan at>
    54  * John Meacham <john at>
    55  * Don Stewart <dons at>
    56  * Audrey Tang <autrijus at>
    57  * Simom J. Thompson <S.J.Thompson at>
    58  * Isaac Jones (co-editor)
    59  * John Launchbury (co-editor) <john at>
     3Focus groups have now been disbanded, they were a part of the Haskell Prime process before we redesigned the [wiki:Process] for Haskell 2010.