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    3636This would mitigate the problems caused by accessors being partial functions since you can use a simple case statement to get the effect of an accesor that returns its result in a Maybe.
    38 Note from Simon.  I hate that the above defn of 'f' has just one argument (val {x="foo")),
     38'''Note from Simon'''.  I hate that the above defn of 'f' has just one argument (val {x="foo")),
    3939whereas it looks as if it has two.  (This is a problem with existing Haskell.)  It looks
    4040like 'f' has an argument 'val' and another arguement that is a free-standing record,
    6969Note the change in the type of the stored field.
    7070At the moment, such a record update must be written using the data constructor, not the update syntax.
     72'''SLPJ:''' That isn't true.  Haskell 98 already supports what you suggest here, and the code above compiles with GHC without flags. 
     74However I would like to argue for ''removing'' this feature.  It causes a quite unreasonable amount of
     75pain in the type checker, especially once we start thinking about GADTs and existentials.  And I think the benefit is modest at best.  I don't think programmers generally expect record update to be a type-changing operation.
    7178== 'Open' statement ==