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    179179=== Cons ===
    180180 * Changes the Haskell'98 behaviour (where defaults are module-local).  Question: Do any real programs actually rely on the Haskell'98 spec here?
     182== Proposal 4 - remove defaulting ==
     183It is generally agreed that defaulting, in its current form at least, is a wart on the language. The main motivation behind it is to make simple calculator-like uses of interactive Haskell environments possible.
     185This proposal, then, is to remove defaulting from the language; we would expect that interactive environments will continue to default as they think best. Note that implementations already go beyond what is stated in the report when defaulting.
     187Most(?) instances of defaulting in Real Programs are due to (!^). If this proposal is adopted then we would recommend changing the type of (!^) and introducing genericPower (or some better name) thus:
     189(^)          :: (Num a) => a -> Int -> a
     190genericPower :: (Num a, Integral b) => a -> b -> a
     192This is similar to the scheme used by, for example, genericIndex.
     194=== Pros ===
     195 * Easy to implement and explain.
     196 * Makes the language smaller.
     197 * Trivially fixes any problems tools like hat have with defaulting.
     199=== Cons ===
     200 * No pretense at trying to remain compatible with Haskell '98, but how many uses of defaulting are there in the wild? And how many not covered by (!^)?