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How to create a proposal

If you have an idea:

  1. Post it to the MailingList. Use the MailingList for discussion and to reach a consensus.
  2. Once a concensus has been reached, try to write down the proposal as completely and precisely as possible.
  3. It is the responsibility of the committee to keep track of proposals discussed on the mailing list. If your idea is not listed on the Status page, please notify a committee member and ask them to do so.


We have been using tickets in the past to keep track of proposals, but that turned out to be rather cumbersome as there are many small issues. So now the status of each proposal is kept in the Haskell source file which can be modified by committee members, and from which the wiki page Status is automatically generated.

For the Committee

A proposal has two parts:

The wiki page should have a section Proposal containing the formal proposal (most proposals don't start out with this section, but it will be added when the details have been worked out).

  • Please be very observant of new ideas from folks on the mailing list that should go in the wiki.