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How to create a proposal

This page is intended for committee members; anyone else who would like to submit a proposal should post it to the haskell-prime mailing list. The committee read that list and will pick up proposals from there.

A proposal has two parts:

The wiki page should have a section Proposal containing the formal proposal (most proposals don't start out with this section, but it will be added when the details have been worked out).

  • A ticket, with component set to "Proposal". The ticket content should simply point to the wiki page, and the wiki page should likewise link back to the ticket. The ticket fields should be set as follows:
    • Type: modification, enhancement, removal, etc
    • Component: Should always be Proposal.
    • Impact: how much impact on the language and implementations?
    • Adopt: Do we want it? Please don't mark stuff as "definitely" yet.
    • Priority: How important is it to address this issue (mostly left as default)
    • Owner: the person most responsible for this proposal, or "none".