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Read Char instance, for [Char], and ['a', 'b'] syntax

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Haskell 98, in section 10.4, states:

readsPrec will parse any valid representation of the standard types apart
from strings, for which only quoted strings are accepted

hugs follows this:

Hugs.Base> read "['a', 'b']" :: String
Program error: no parse

while GHC ignores it:

Prelude> read "['a', 'b']" :: String

The GHC libraries source shows that this is a wilful variation from H98:

  readListPrec =
    ( do L.String s <- lexP -- Looks for "foo"
         return s
      readListPrecDefault   -- Looks for ['f','o','o']
    )               -- (more generous than H98 spec)

I do not see the point of this inconsistency, so I believe we should consider changing it for Haskell'.

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