{9} Proposals

Proposals, grouped by adoption status and ordered by priority and impact (see How to create a proposal).

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ProgrammingError: column "impact" does not exist
LINE 23:         CASE impact

-- List proposals, group by adoption, order by priority and impact.

SELECT p.value AS __color__,
   'adopt: '||CASE a.value WHEN '' THEN 'none' ELSE a.value END AS __group__,
   id AS ticket, summary,
   priority, i.value as impact, 
   t.type AS type, status, owner
  FROM ticket t, enum p, ticket_custom a, ticket_custom i
  WHERE component = 'Proposal'
   AND a.ticket = id AND a.name = 'adopt'
   AND i.ticket = id AND i.name = 'impact'
   AND p.name=t.priority AND p.type='priority'
  ORDER BY CASE a.value
        WHEN 'definitely yes' THEN 1
        WHEN 'probably yes' THEN 2
        WHEN 'maybe' THEN 3
        WHEN 'probably no' THEN 4
        WHEN 'definitely no' THEN 5
        ELSE 6
        END, p.value, priority,
        CASE impact
        WHEN 'major' THEN 1
        WHEN 'large' THEN 2
        WHEN 'normal' THEN 3
        WHEN 'minor' THEN 4
        WHEN 'trivial' THEN 5
        ELSE 3

) AS tab
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