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#48 clarify module system proposals new task normal
#49 add multi parameter type classes new enhancement normal
#50 get rid of unary '-' operator new removal normal
#51 add new pragmas new enhancement normal
#53 Nondecreasing Indentation new modification normal
#55 add Parallel List comprehensions new enhancement normal
#57 add polymorphic components new enhancement normal
#59 Fix the lexical syntax for qualified identifiers new modification normal
#60 add RankNTypes or Rank2Types new enhancement normal
#61 replace the Read class new modification normal
#62 allow data consructors to be exported and imported readonly new modification normal
#63 "Informal Semantics of Pattern Matching", is a bit vague on matching record patterns. new defect normal
#64 add recursive do syntax new enhancement normal
#66 make sure removal candidates are added as proposals new task normal
#67 add Scoped Type Variables new enhancement normal
#70 allow TypeSynonymInstances new enhancement normal
#71 Allow Undecidable Instances new enhancement normal
#72 Make underscore 'caseless' new enhancement normal
#73 add views new enhancement normal
#74 add some kind of concurrency new enhancement normal
#85 more liberal kind inference new defect normal
#87 add dictionary definitions to wiki new task normal
#89 standardize the System.FilePath module for Haskell' new enhancement normal
#90 solve the MultiParamTypeClassDilemma new task normal
#96 Replace the array indexing operator, '!' new modification normal
#103 Make pattern bindings monomorphic new task normal
#115 Complex arithmetic misbehaves in boundary cases new task normal
#125 Rename interact to iofilter new task normal
#126 Instances of Read on bounded integral types should fail on overflow new modification normal
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