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#102 add Liberal Type Synonyms new none task normal
#103 Make pattern bindings monomorphic new task normal
#104 Add Time Library new none task normal
#107 Add assertions new none enhancement normal
#108 make toEnum and fromEnum take and return Integers new none task normal
#109 split Enum into two typeclasses new none task normal
#110 Generalize types of IO actions new none task normal
#111 remove local fixity declarations new none task normal
#112 Break unnecessary dependencies between Haskell numeric classes new none task normal
#114 introduce lambda-match (explicit match failure and fall-through) new none enhancement normal
#115 Complex arithmetic misbehaves in boundary cases new task normal
#116 Read Char instance, for [Char], and ['a', 'b'] syntax new none task normal
#117 Allow unnamed record fields new none enhancement normal
#118 Remove libraries from the report (to the greatest extent possible) new none task normal
#119 splitAt should be strict in its first argument new none task normal
#121 ExitCode consistency new none task normal
#122 clarify literate script syntax new none task normal
#125 Rename interact to iofilter new task normal
#50 get rid of unary '-' operator new removal normal
#28 Require explicit quantification on all expression bound type sigatures new modification normal
#52 Generalised deriving for newtype new none modification normal
#53 Nondecreasing Indentation new modification normal
#59 Fix the lexical syntax for qualified identifiers new modification normal
#61 replace the Read class new modification normal
#62 allow data consructors to be exported and imported readonly new modification normal
#96 Replace the array indexing operator, '!' new modification normal
#120 Should sum and product be strict? Or have strict variants? new none modification normal
#123 Fix Ord so Ord Double and Ord Float make sense new none modification normal
#126 Instances of Read on bounded integral types should fail on overflow new modification normal
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