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#11 fixed initiate discussion on refining scope of committee ijones ijones

Currently we are brainstorming but we will soon need to start to narrow the scope. Open tickets related to that are listed under the "Scope Defined" milestone. Here are some suggestions from Henrik about how to have this discussion:

… Here are some concrete points that could be discussed:

  1. What should the time frame for the Haskell' effort be?
  2. Who are the users, what are their perceived needs, and how do we prioritize?
  3. Informed by 1 and 2, is Haskell' mainly a consolidation effort, or should the scope be wider?
  4. Informed by all of the above, is it possible to agree on some basic criteria that extensions and changes would have to meet in order to somewhat bound the size of the part of the design space that needs to be explored?
#10 fixed finalize mission statement ijones ijones

Finalize a MissionStatement. Details may have to be worked out in future iterations.

The current mission statement may be OK for the committee, but it lacks background that the "general public" would be interested in. We should state the problem we're trying to solve and for the sake of who. That's the PublicMissionStatement and 75.

#9 fixed craft Haskell' announcement ijones ijones

The announcement was on haskell cafe, haskell, and comp.lang.functional.

Final Draft

Subject: Haskell': Kicking off the process of defining the next Haskell standard.

let haskell' = succ haskell98 in

Announcing the Haskell' ("Haskell-Prime") process. A short time ago, I asked for volunteers to help with the next Haskell standard. A brave group has spoken up, and we've organized ourselves into a committee in order to coordinate the community's work. It will be the committee's task to bring together the very best ideas and work of the broader community in an "open-source" way, and to fill in any gaps in order to make Haskell' as coherent and elegant as Haskell 98.

Our task is broadly defined by our mission statement:

The Haskell programming language is more-or-less divided into two "branches". The Haskell 98 standard is the "stable" branch of the language, and that has been a big success. A lot of progress has been made over the last few years in the "research" branch of the Haskell language. It is constantly advancing, and we feel that it is time for a new standard which reflects those advancements.

Haskell' will be a conservative refinement of Haskell 98. It will be the work of this committee to adopt a set of language extensions and modifications and to standardize a new set of libraries.

We will strive to only include tried-and-true language features, and to define them at least as rigorously as Haskell 98 was defined. This standard will reflect the realities of developing practical applications in the Haskell language. We will work closely with the rest of the Haskell community to create this standard.

Your Haskell' Committee is as follows (slightly munged email addresses follow):

  • Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak at>
  • John Goerzen <jgoerzen at>
  • Bastiaan Heeren <bastiaan at>
  • Isaac Jones <ijones at>
  • John Launchbury <john at>
  • Andres Loeh <loeh at>
  • Simon Marlow <simonmar at>
  • John Meacham <john at>
  • Ravi Nanavati <ravi at>
  • Henrik Nilsson <nhn at>
  • Ross Paterson <ross at>
  • Simon Peyton-Jones <simonpj at>
  • Don Stewart <dons at>
  • Audrey Tang <autrijus at>
  • Simon J. Thompson <S.J.Thompson at>
  • Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace at>
  • Stephanie Weirich <sweirich at>

The editors are Isaac Jones and John Launchbury.

Feel free to contact any of us with any concerns or questions. If you don't know who to direct your questions to, email Isaac Jones ijones@….

Community involvement is vital to our task, and there will be a way for members of the community to make formal proposals. In the opening phases, please use these more informal resources to help us coordinate Haskell':

  • The haskell-prime mailing list. All technical discussion will take place here, or (if other meetings take place) be reported here. Anyone can subscribe, and any subscriber can post questions and comments, and participate in discussions. Anyone can read the list archives.
  • A wiki / issue tracking system to document consensus and to track ongoing tasks. This system is publicly readable, but only committee writable so that we may present it as the "official" output of the committee. If you ever feel that the wiki is not accurate as to the consensus, please alert the committee!

Please join us in making Haskell' a success.


Haskell' Committee

p.s. Please feel free to forward this announcement to appropriate forums.

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