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#83 fixed update CreateProposal to include general guidelines ijones ijones

see CreateProposal. Include guidelines for the community making tickets. My related email below:

| -= Some Guidelines =-
| Use the mailing list for _discussion_ and to reach a consensus.  Use
| the tickets to _document_ the consensus as a proposal.  You may want
| to post the wiki page you create back to the thread so that the thread
| participants can review and edit it.  If you get no support on the
| mailing list for an idea, please think twice about whether or not to
| create a ticket for it.
| It is just fine to have conflicting points of view in a ticket, but no
| back-and-forth discussion (use the mailing list for that).  Create
| "pros" and "cons" sections in the ticket.  Edit the ticket rather than
| adding "comments".  Link this ticket with wiki pages or other tickets
| which are related, or for which this is a counter-proposal.
| Be sure to set the "component" field as "Proposal" and leave the Adopt
| field alone.
| -= Example =-
| So for instance, there's a proposal that we modify the comment syntax.
| After some time for discussion on the list, Thomas (cc'd) should
| create a new ticket if he still believes in his suggestion.  The
| ticket should have component:proposal. The pros are that it's going to
| be simpler for students, more consistent with the block comment
| syntax, and easier to implement in editors.  The cons are that we lose
| a group of possible operators, --> for instance, and this in turn may
| cause some code to break.
| Put your email address on the tickets so we know who to ask if we have
| any questions.
| To create a ticket, go to the wiki and log in.  The user name is guest
| and the password is haskell'.  If you think you'll be doing a lot of
| ticket work, email me for a guest account so that your name will
| automatically appear on the changes.
#128 fixed LanguagePragma ravi@… ravi@…

Ticket to track LanguagePragma standardization.

#130 fixed NoNPlusKPatterns Ian Lynagh Ian Lynagh

Proposal: NoNPlusKPatterns.

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