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#10 fixed finalize mission statement ijones ijones

Finalize a MissionStatement. Details may have to be worked out in future iterations.

The current mission statement may be OK for the committee, but it lacks background that the "general public" would be interested in. We should state the problem we're trying to solve and for the sake of who. That's the PublicMissionStatement and 75.

#11 fixed initiate discussion on refining scope of committee ijones ijones

Currently we are brainstorming but we will soon need to start to narrow the scope. Open tickets related to that are listed under the "Scope Defined" milestone. Here are some suggestions from Henrik about how to have this discussion:

… Here are some concrete points that could be discussed:

  1. What should the time frame for the Haskell' effort be?
  2. Who are the users, what are their perceived needs, and how do we prioritize?
  3. Informed by 1 and 2, is Haskell' mainly a consolidation effort, or should the scope be wider?
  4. Informed by all of the above, is it possible to agree on some basic criteria that extensions and changes would have to meet in order to somewhat bound the size of the part of the design space that needs to be explored?
#12 fixed write public guidelines for wiki editing john@… ijones

Closed by creation of CoordinationTools?.

See also the descriptions of various resources from the public announcement draft. Guidelines may include:

  • Discussion happens on the mailing lists (haskell-prime, haskell-cafe)
  • Organization of ideas happens in the wiki (no back-and-forth discussion)
    • flesh this out more?
  • Issues or things to be decided on are tracked with tickets
  • Experiments to source code happen in the code repository
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