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#1 wontfix define community feedback process somebody ijones
#2 fixed decide on infrastructure privacy / secrecy policies somebody ijones

Initial Proposal

  • A private mailing list (haskell-prime-private)
    1. committee only subscription (and archive)
    2. unmoderated for committee members
  • A public mailing list - (haskel-prime) for technical discussion
    1. publicly available for subscriptions (and archive)
    2. unmoderated for committee members
    3. moderated for non-committee members, in order to keep traffic low. I feel that if a major flamewar NEEDS to happen, it can happen on haskell-cafe.
  • A code repository
    1. publicly readable
    2. anyone can submit changes, Isaac will be gate-keeper. We'll use darcs, so this is pretty easy. That's more of a technical issue than a policy one, since there isn't a machine that we all have accounts on.
#3 wontfix define criteria for including extensions somebody ijones

Formally specified? n-years-old? used in various libraries? See thread for discussion "officially opening the discussion on scope"

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