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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#93 bring together various class-related tickets into something coherent ijones task closed normal
#113 Joined-Up Classes none modification closed normal
#17 relax restriction on signatures of class methods modification new normal
#18 add closed classes enhancement new normal
#19 control export and import of class instances enhancement new normal
#22 create DerivedInstances proposal none task new normal
#32 add FlexibleInstances enhancement new normal
#49 add multi parameter type classes enhancement new normal
#54 add overlapping or incoherent instances none enhancement new normal
#61 replace the Read class modification new normal
#70 allow TypeSynonymInstances enhancement new normal
#71 Allow Undecidable Instances enhancement new normal
#81 scoping of type variables in class instances none enhancement new normal
#90 solve the MultiParamTypeClassDilemma task new normal
#92 add First Class Labels none enhancement new normal
#101 Class Aliases none task new normal
#109 split Enum into two typeclasses none task new normal
#112 Break unnecessary dependencies between Haskell numeric classes none task new normal
#116 Read Char instance, for [Char], and ['a', 'b'] syntax none task new normal
#126 Instances of Read on bounded integral types should fail on overflow modification new normal
#147 Move into its own MonadFail class David Luposchainsky modification new normal Haskell 201x
#150 Remove superclasses from Num modification new normal Haskell 201x
#154 Add Semigroup & Monoid classes extension new normal Haskell 201x
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