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(edit) @16bcb72   10 years marlowsd retain spaces in inline verbatim h2010
(edit) @fc6a4cb0   10 years marlowsd Use tex4ht to format the HTML version The new HTML output is much … h2010
(edit) @5d84e9f   10 years marlowsd widen the third column in syntax tables h2010
(edit) @8af3a89   12 years marlowsd Keep the current colour when outputting <tt> text This program is in … h2010
(edit) @9bfd492   12 years marlowsd Add the ability to colourise the haskell-prime parts of the report h2010
(edit) @37cba5c   12 years marlowsd remove dead code h2010
(edit) @da2accf   13 years Malcolm.Wallace Update lots of references to H'98 → Prime, especially in build … h2010
(edit) @5e7cc23   13 years mail turn macro into function — makes it work with newer flex versions h2010
(edit) @bf9ed05   13 years marlowsd add clean target h2010
(edit) @9ecd7a3   13 years marlowsd update to compile with recent Haskell compilers h2010
(edit) @eee248d   13 years marlowsd make it work with recent GHCs h2010
(edit) @025b797   17 years ross Fix indexing of a few operators, particularly ( ), which was making a … h2010h98
(edit) @0e597cc   17 years simonpj Add subsection sed-ery; minor changes to tex.hs h2010h98
(edit) @5807b05   17 years simonpj ———————————————— Just pre-CUP-publication version … h2010h98
(edit) @cf220e3   18 years simonpj Simon h2010h98
(edit) @b91dee4   18 years simonpj Done while away at c— workshop h2010h98
(add) @e2aba76   19 years simonpj Empty log message h2010h98
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