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(edit) @b056341   14 years ijones small changes h2010h98
(edit) @8478ccd   14 years ijones Implemented a few fixes we talked about on IRC: (12:10:13) Marvin—: … h2010h98
(edit) @bb8593b   14 years ijones added more details about Setup.description fields h2010h98
(edit) @9d86d45   14 years ijones Added a bunch of information about the package description. h2010h98
(edit) @e074d932   14 years ijones * added "clean" target to setup script spec. * updated test case for … h2010h98
(edit) @2a82e98   14 years ijones Cleaned up package description stuff FIX/TODO Provide BNF-type … h2010h98
(edit) @baf0865   14 years ijones * Added new personas: Peter Packager, as an umbrella for Rowland et … h2010h98
(edit) @41a271a   15 years ijones Mostl suggestions from Graham Klyne. * Changed pkg.desc to … h2010h98
(edit) @6bd8eae   15 years ijones * changed #!runhugs (etc) to #!/usr/bin/env runhugs * Small formatting … h2010h98
(edit) @5a76f78   15 years ijones Added more justification and explanation of the Setup script. h2010h98
(edit) @0e119cc   15 years ijones Changed HPS to Cabal. Some reformatting of code. h2010h98
(edit) @78a2eb3   15 years ijones Reverted changes from pkgname=version to pkgname-version. h2010h98
(edit) @94e6b24   15 years ijones * Changed "library" for "tool" in a number of places * Made this into … h2010h98
(edit) @d60d8c3   15 years ijones * Changed article ID to hps * Changed date * added &hps; entity, so we … h2010h98
(edit) @c75e445   15 years marlowsd System packagers: mention that we expect there to be external tools … h2010h98
(edit) @77cd499   15 years marlowsd Markup, s/shared/global/ h2010h98
(edit) @06b1d6f   15 years marlowsd mainly markup h2010h98
(edit) @ea87e87   15 years marlowsd uninstall updates h2010h98
(edit) @34db78d   15 years marlowsd Simon's updates h2010h98
(edit) @b9de0b0   15 years ross Typos, and add an extra blank line in #! scripts to make them legal … h2010h98
(edit) @5da3515   15 years marlowsd Lots of updates (mostly markup). h2010h98
(edit) @67ded33   15 years marlowsd markup & simple changes h2010h98
(add) @661107d   15 years simonpj Add the draft Haskell Package System spec h2010h98
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